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Meet Your Summit Host - Jonas Koffler
Jonas Koffler is the New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestselling coauthor of HUSTLE: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum, now translated into 10 languages. As a startup advisor, writer, entrepreneur, small business owner, speaker and award-winning producer, he is an expert in the arenas of creativity, human potential, the future of work and wellbeing. He has been featured in outlets like The New York Times, FastCompany, Fortune, Fox News, Cheddar, Success, Self and Inc. 

​​​​​​​His book shares counterintuitive truths on personal innovation, insights on growth and success, and surprising findings on how we break free of outdated models, experiment to manufacture luck, surface our talents and thrive. ​​​​​Jonas remains on a mission to help people discover what moves them toward more freedom and fulfillment in work and life. He is a stroke survivor and mental health advocate, and passionate about learning and growth. He recognizes our time is finite and encourages others to stay curious and active, take small doses of risk, and look at everyday as a blank canvas of possibility. 
Meet Our Speakers
Empowering Presentations from World-Class Experts
Dave Kerpen
Become More Likeable & Master the Art of People in Business & Life
Learn the Secrets to Being a More Likeable Person from the person who built a movement and a business around Being Likeable! Build Relationships through Better Listening and Deeper Empathy, and Develop Your Leadership Superpowers to Grow Your Business with Ease, Improve Your Awareness and an Appreciation for Coworkers, Clients & Customers you never thought possible.
Chris Bailey
Unleash Your Most Productive Self, Find Biological Prime Time & Learn Hyperfocus
Think you're working optimally? Guess again. In this dynamite talk, you'll learn from a master experimenter how to find your Biological Prime Time for Better Productivity every day. You'll understand how to Define and Clarify your Priorities and Creative Demands on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Basis. It's Time to Let Go of Digital Distractions and the Non-Essential Things in Life to Improve Your Focus and Get Things Done!
Pamela Slim
Create a Body of Work to Elevate Credibility & a Business Ecosystem Built to Last
Cubicles aren't for everyone. Freedom Is. In this talk, you'll learn that If you truly want to set yourself free, you need to understand the mindset and highest value activities of working for yourself as a Freelancer, Independent Professional or Entrepreneur. Getting ahead, moving up in the world, attracting more clients and opportunity, means Building Your Own Great Body of Professional Accomplishments and Standout Creative Work. Sustaining your journey as a business owner or consultant, means you need to Develop Relationships, and Actively Participate in Your local Small Business Ecosystem so it remains built to last and mutually supportive.
Garrett Gunderson
Overcome Financial Myths to Create Prosperity & Live the Life You Love
Money can make or break your life. It's time to discover how to move Beyond Your Financial Myths and Misunderstandings, Create More Prosperity for Yourself and Your Family, and Enjoy Building Your Business and Doing More of the Things You Love in Life. This talk resolves the mythology around money and helps empower you to make better choices and decisions in your financial life with profound consequences on your freedom and fulfillment.
Stephen Key
Learn the Magical Power of Turning Ideas & Inventions into Income
Are you a creative genius? If you're not now, get ready. In this talk from the Godfather of Licensing and Invention, you'll learn that Anyone can Become an Inventor and Make Money just from Your Ideas Alone! Learn How to Turn Your Creative Ideas into Income, Rent Your Ideas or License Your Work to Companies, and Get Paid through Passive or Royalty Income for a Lifetime.
David Osborn
Conquer Your Goals, Create More Wealth & Abundance than You'll Ever Need
There's a science to achieving all you want in life. All you need are the tools and method. In this life-changing talk, you'll get both and you'll learn to harness the Power of Goal-Setting with Accountability and Peer Support, Develop the Abundance Mindset for Possibilities, and Build Your Wealth through Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Investing. Get ready to take your life's work to the next level with enthusiasm and renewed energy.
Mark Metry
The Secrets to Creating a Top 100 Podcast & Content that Matters to Your Audience
It's the Golden Age of podcasts. If you have a podcast or want to get started, this talk gives you the Insights and Insider's Secrets to Creating a Top Podcast enjoyed by Millions of Listeners. You'll learn How to Make Consistently Great Content that Moves People to Share and Engage, and Grow Your Audience and Online Following to inspire and educate Millions of People, no matter your topic.
Ed Latimore
Develop Knockout  Confidence & Mass Influence by Being Authentic & Direct
Confidence is a Key Indicator of Happiness and Quality of Life. In this talk by a professional boxer, author, mathematician and influencer, you'll learn How to Develop an Unbreakable Confidence by Being Yourself. If you want to become More Brilliant in the Classroom of Life and Work, and Build Your Influence on Social Media Platforms like Twitter through Generating Ideas and Writing that Attracts Fans and Followers, this is not to be missed!
Paula Rizzo
A Simple Plan to Get Organized, Feel Less Stressed & Be More Media Friendly
Overwhelmed? Stressed by Your To-Do List? It's Time to Move from simply Wishful Thinking to proactive "Listful Thinking". Learn the Secrets to Getting More Organized, Staying More Productive, Reducing Stress, and Even Becoming More Media Friendly! This talk covers the gamut and gives you the Tools and Tactics to simplify and Organize your Life's Work and daily tasks effectively.
Dr. John Dempster
A Workshop to Enhance Health & Wellbeing for Busy Professionals
You're Busy, We Know, But Your Health Doesn't Have to Suffer. In this talk, Learn how to Reset Your Mind and Recharge Your Body. You'll discover ways to Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health, Reset Your Microbiome and Flora for a Healthier Gut, and Optimize Your Sleep for Sustained Rest and Energy throughout the Day. Feeling better means taking care of Y-O-U and recognizing your health is everything and without it, you have nothing. 
Elaine Pofeldt
Build & Run Your Own One-Person Million-Dollar Solo Business Venture 
Want to Earn Your First Million Dollars a Year in Revenue? In this talk, you'll Learn the Models for Creating Your Own One-Person, Million-Dollar Business. Build and Grow Your Business by Learning the Secrets, the Mindset and Approaches that Distinguish a Million-Dollar Business Owner from Everyone Else. 
Ilise Benun
Grow Your Creative Business, Charge Clients More & Negotiate to Win 
Creative Entrepreneurs can be Creative Rainmakers and Exceptional Salespeople, too. This talk will prepare you to Think and Grow Your Business Income with the Secrets to Attracting and Retaining Better Clients, Generating More Leads, Pitching and Negotiating Richer Deals and Thriving in Your Creative Work or Small Business. The Path to Earning More AND Getting More Committed Clients might surprise you. 
Pedram Shojai, OMD
Slow Down Time, Sharpen Your Mind & Clarify Your Mission 
What Time is It? Who Cares! Learn the Art of Stopping Time for Busy Professionals. In this talk, you will learn how to Slow Down Your Life to Become More Mindful. You will not only Improve Your Focus and Increase Your State of being Present, you will find more Happiness in Your Work and gain Clarity on your Life's Mission and What Really Matters.
Suzi Dafnis
Magnify Your Mindset & Vision to Drive Sustainable Business Growth 
Feeling lost? Not sure which way to go with your business or new venture idea? This talk is designed to help you Find Your Way by Developing a Stronger Entrepreneurial Mindset. You will Learn to Balance Smart Risks, Build New Business Partnerships and Try More Growth Experiments. Get ready to Design a Powerful Vision for Growth in Your Years Ahead and Learn to Have Fun in the Process.
Richie Norton
Harness the Life-Changing Entrepreneurial Power of Starting Something Stupid & Awesome
There's Nothing Like Starting Something Stupid and Awesome at the Same Time. This talk shares the lesson that In Business, with Next to No Money Needed, You can Easily think up and birth Your New Venture, however Foolish it might seem. Want to Make Ideas Happen, Increase Your Authenticity and Income and Learn the 5 Actions of the New Smart that Yield Huge Rewards for a Lifetime? Tune in and turn on the possibilities.
Grant Sabatier
Make Your Financial Freedom Happen: How to Grow $2 Dollars into $1.25 Million in Five Years 
Scarcity is a Trap. The good news? You CAN Master Your Financial Freedom One Day at a Time. In this talk you'll learn directly from someone whose experienced both extreme scarcity and  real riches. You can Stop Trading Dollars for Hours and Break Your Cycle of Scarcity Thinking. Focus on Experiences that Matter in Your Life and Find New Ways to Set Yourself and Your Finances Free for Good. It's just a matter of choice and action, and being smarter about money. The rest takes care of itself.
Marion McGovern
Thrive in the Gig Economy & Become the Master of Your Freelance Success 
The Gig Economy! Moonlighting! Freelancing! Independent Professionals! Contracting! What's the difference? In this Talk, an Industry Pioneer Teaches You How to Identify Opportunities to Win In the Gig Economy on Your Terms, Create More Avenues to Thrive and Maximize Your Value and Knowledge and Optimize the Various Platforms in the Burgeoning and Ever-Changing Freedom Economy. If Independence and Flexibility Matter to You, this is Gold.
Matt Gottesman
The Brand Alchemy Process of Building a Scalable Brand People Love 
Which Came First, the Person or the Brand? Personal Branding is an Art Form and a Science. And in this Talk You'll Learn How to Master both. Create Your Unique Brand for Your Unique Business and Understand the Ways to Build, Position, Monetize, and Scale a Powerful Brand as You Develop a Business You’re Proud of. Oh, and one that Pays You Well.
Jodi Glickman
Choosing a Path of Work You Love & Pitching to Win with Presence & Style 
Why Settle? If you accept Anything Less than the Work You Want, guess what? You'll be disengaged or miserable. This talk will teach you How to Put Yourself into a Path of Work You Love, How to Create a Winning Pitch for New Jobs or Work Opportunities, and How to Overcome a Lack of Experience and Tell a Powerful Story about Yourself. Your Growth is Not Dependent on What You've Done in the Past, only Where You Go in the Future. Get ready to make it happen.
Dr. Leah Weiss, PhD
Radically Improve Your Workplace through Empathy & Compassion 
Yuck and suck. Work can be a Toxic Experience. The Good News is, it Doesn't Have to Be Awful. Learn How to Build a Better Workplace for Yourself and Your Team through Creativity, Compassion and Courage. Transform Your Office into a Healthy Haven of Possibility and use Mindfulness to Find More Meaning at the Office or Wherever You Choose to Do Your Work or Grow Your Business.
Elizabeth MacBride
The Six Month Rule: How Freelancers Manage Finances, Plan Projects & Deal with Uncertainty  
Money is a Game. Learn the Rules for How Freelancers, Independent Professionals and Solopreneurs can Win at the Personal Finance Game. From Effective Budgeting on a Project to Project Basis to How to Save for Your Retirement, How to Land More Retainer Clients that Pay You More Money, and How and When to Plan Vacations and Downtime (Even as a Freelancer!).
Dr. Heidi Hanna, PhD
Practical Tools to Transform Work-Related Stress to Fuel Success 
Stress truly is a Killer. It's the reason for 75 percent of Hospital Emergency Room Visits and the Cause of Many Diseases. But You can Make Stress Your Friend. In this Talk, You'll Learn the Science of Stress, and How to Adapt, Cope with and Conquer Work-Related Stress. The Result? You'll Achieve Better Performance and Productivity with Less Fear and Anxiety.
Brian Solis
How to Scale Your Life's Work for More Creativity, Joy & Fewer Distractions 
Distracted? Checking your email, social media, phone calls, Slack, etc.? Feeling out of balance? That's not surprising. You're Overwhelmed and Working yourself into a Spiral of Despair or Worse. It's time to come clean and unplug, and this talk will help you do just that. You can course-correct and scale your life the way you deserve with more Creativity, Fun & Joy. We'll show you how to do it. A Life in Better Balance can be Yours. This talk will help Rewire the Way you Work and Live.
Chris Henrikson
The Nonprofit Life: How to Create and Run an Organization that Transforms a Community 
Who Says You Can't Turn Your Passion into Something that Helps Make the World a Better Place? The Nonprofit Organization is a Unique Vehicle that Enables You to Do Just That. Learn How to Apply Your Art or Vocation to a Cause You Believe In, and Create a Social Impact Venture that Improves Lives. Understand What it Takes to Raise Money for Your Nonprofit, Create an Advisory Board and Find Partners to Help Expand Your Vision for Growing Your Mission. This Talk Covers it All. 
Four Day Weekend
Just Say Yes, And: Leverage the Power of Improvisation for Better Teamwork 
No!. But! Wrong! Ah, that's No Way to Move Forward in Life and Work. You'll Learn the Tenets, Tools and Techniques of the "Yes, And" Improvisational Philosophy. Think of these like the Jedi Force from Star Wars. They will Enhance your Life and Transform your Communication at Work, helping you to become a more Active Listener, a Better Collaborator, a more supportive Team Player, and Foster More Empathy for others. If you want to know how to play well with your employees or boss, if you want to Genuinely Laugh and Be More Present, then this talk is for you!
Caitlin Pearce
Capture the Power of Community: How the Freelancers Union is Shaping the Future of Work 
What's the Future of Work? Where Do Freelancers Fit into the Dynamic, Growing Economy? The Freelance Life can be a Lonely Endeavor. Every Independent Professional is Vulnerable to Deadbeat Clients and the Whims of the Market. But Guess What? There's a Place Where You can Go for Support, Learning, a Community of Like-Minded Independent Professionals and More. The Freelancers Union is dedicated to the needs and wants of Freelancers. This Talk will Give You the Feeling 400,000+ People are in Your Corner to Help You Succeed, No Matter What Your Vocation. They have Your Back. 
Greg Pesci
Learn the Legal Keys to Win in Business,  Protect Yourself & Unlock Freedom 
Business Law, Contracts and Intellectual Property are Confusing topics for Many Business Professionals, especially Entrepreneurs and Freelancers. Learn some of the Best Free Legal Advice You Could Ever Ask for from a Former Corporate Lawyer and Executive turned Entrepreneur and Champion of Freelancers and Independent Professionals. Understand the key pieces and finer points of Contracts and Agreements, how to pursue and protect your own ideas and Intellectual Property and the power of the Four Freedoms essential for anyone seeking Growth and Autonomy in life.
Joel Runyon
How to Make the Impossible Possible as an Entrepreneur, Founder & Adventurer 
What if Impossible was just a word? It Turns Out, Anything is Possible if you understand how to reverse-engineer outcomes and break projects up into small, bite-sized tasks you can tackle. The key is to Get Out of your Comfort zone. Learn how this Entrepreneur Overcame his Challenges, Leveraged his Skills and Talents to Set himself and his business Free, and Accomplish the Impossible on his Own Terms with Commitment and Clarity. 
Emily Lark
Pain No More: How to Improve Posture, Boost Range of Motion & Flexibility 
Hey You! That's Right Mr. or Mrs. Question Mark. Stand up Straight, Get Your Shoulders back and stick out your chest. Good Posture can mean a Lifetime of More Energy, Confidence and Less Pain and Problems later in life. But most of us have Awful Posture and spend our lives Hunched over computers or digital devices like Smartphones. Learn to take care of your posture through a practice of stretches and techniques that are simple and easy for anyone to do. You'll not only feel better, you'll think more clearly and sleep better at night. Your Mind and Body will thank you for tuning in to this talk by a world-class expert in Posture and Ergonomics.
Casey Armstrong
From Marketing Consultant to Executive: Manage Your Own Growth    
Just because You're a Freelancer, Independent Consultant or Entrepreneur Now, Doesn't Mean You Won't Become an Executive later. Maybe even Next Year. Watch this talk and Learn How to Translate Your Work Outside the Conventional Professional World into a Coveted, Lucrative and Stimulating Job Inside some of the Hottest Companies Today. You'll Understand How to Manage Yourself and Your Career, How to Lead a Team Remotely, Collaborate with Executives, Hire Digital Nomads, and Do the Kind of Work You Love While Living the Lifestyle You Want.
Dave Jenks
How to Achieve Self-Mastery, Become More Purposeful & Courageous 
Mastery is all about the Journey. It requires Seeking Within and Exploring the World Outside. It's about getting out of your Comfort Zone and into Your Curiosity Zone. The Path to Fulfillment for Entrepreneurs and Professionals is Based on the Famous Six Perspectives that Helped Build One of the most Beloved and Industry-Leading Companies in North America. Learn How to Become More Purposeful in Your Career, Your Business, Your Relationships and all you Pursue in Life. Recognize the Power of Optimism and Purpose, and the Many Ways You Can Channel Setbacks into Steps Forward to Being More Courageous and Experiencing What is Possible in Your Life and Life's Work.
Fran Hauser
Build a Career You Love, Lead with Kindness & Get Venture Funding  
Nice People Finish Last, Right? Wrong! It Turns Out, Nice People are the Ones Who Not Only Tend to Perform Better at Work, Get Promoted More Often and Achieve More in Their Careers, but they also tend to Develop Better Relationships and the Admiration of Those They Work With. In This Talk You'll Learn the Secrets to Getting Ahead and Moving Beyond the Myths of Being Nice. You'll Know How to Set Boundaries, Be Heard and Become a Better Leader. Take the Wisdom that Comes from Channeling Kindness, and Even Get the Inside Tips for Raising Venture Capital for Your Next Startup.
Patrick Vlaskovits
How to Be a Lean Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Grow a Software Startup & Prioritize Family Time 
Imagine being a child of immigrants and becoming a New York Times Bestselling Author not once, but twice! How about launching your Entrepreneurial Career, Advising Companies and Speaking around the World, while Successfully Bootstrapping and Building Your Own Startup? What about having kids and raising a family all the while? Learn all the above and more in this excellent talk that will put you into the mind of an exceptional entrepreneur, polymath and perennial "Father of the Year" candidate.
Chenoa Maxwell
Overcome Your Past to Thrive in the Now & Nurture Your Emotional Health  
We are Not Our Past. We Are Our Present and We Create Our Future. In this Talk, Learn How to Let Go of Past Challenges and Traumas. Whether you are Dealing with Depression or a lack of joy in your life, you can change the way you see and experience the world. Enjoy the Limitless Life by choosing to make each day a Healing Experience filled with Empowering Rituals for soothing your worries and calming your anxiety. Improve your Mental Health and deepen your Emotional Intelligence to appreciate a more enriching experience in the present filled with love, light, and creative possibility.
Alberto Savoia
Create the Right It: The Smart Way to Innovate, Experiment & Validate Your Ideas 
Most Ideas Fail. Most Startups Fail. Most People Fail. But there's a Way to Get Your Idea Right So Your Business Venture Succeeds From the Outset -- with the "Right It". Learn from a Legendary Engineer, Author and Silicon Valley Investor in How to Ensure Your Approach is the Right One. You'll Save Time and Emotional Torment, and of course a Ton of Money by Rethinking Your Approach to Ideation and Innovation. The Right It is Yours for the taking. 
Dave Asprey
Empower Your Inner Game Changer & Biohack Your Way to a Better Mind & Body 
You are Not Dead Yet. Not Even Close. In Fact, This Talk Will Show You How to Live Better, More Energized, and More Excited About the Years You Have Ahead. From Your Diet to Brain Health, Sleep and Sex, You'll Learn Some of the Secrets to Biohacking Like a Pro, Experience BulletProof Entrepreneurship and Go Beyond What You Thought Was Biologically Possible to Become a Game Changer in Your Own Life.
Raj Raghunathan, PhD.
The Surprising Truths for How to Develop Happiness & More Abundance 
They Say Happiness is Your Destiny. But Most of Us Get in Our Own Way, Causing Traffic Jams of Despair and Frustration. In this Enlightening Talk, You'll Learn How to Invite More Happiness and Abundance into Your Life. The Secrets May Surprise You! It's Actually Very Easy to Become Happier if You Understand the Science. Changing a few Key Behaviors and Ways of Thinking on a Daily Basis Yields Huge Rewards. Don't Miss the Approach that Has Impacted Millions of Lives Around the World!
Mark Harrison
Heeding the Call of Entrepreneurship & Taking Your Vision to the Next Level  
Sometimes we Choose Entrepreneurship. And Sometimes Entrepreneurship Chooses Us. For those who are Bold and Relentless, the Possibilities for Growth and Building an Incredible Company are Endless. Learn How to Build Your Vision from Scratch, Experiment and Construct a Massively Successful Company, Happy Employees, and Great Clients and Customers on Your Terms.
Emilie Aries
Break Free, Beat Burnout and Become Your Own Best Boss 
Burnout is a Dirty Word. If You Look Around and in the Mirror, Most Professionals Experience Burnout in their Working Lives. Burnout strikes workers who have exhausted their physical or emotional strength and Committed to an Unhealthy Life. Learn How to Overcome Burnout and Set Yourself on a Course Correction Path toward Freedom and Fulfillment. You Have a Choice and You'll Understand How to Let Go of Unhealthy Approaches to Work and Replace Them with a New and More Supportive Way to Live.
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